Tura Oval freestanding bath by Roca

Dezeen Showroom: bathroom design brand Roca has created a bathtub designed to look as though it is “floating in space” thanks to its stepped profile informed by cantilevers in architecture.

The Tura Oval tub has a base segment that is set back from the walls of the tub as well as an inner lip around the inside of the rim.

Tura Oval freestanding bath by Roca
The tub has a streamlined, minimalistic appearance

Curved ends create a comfortable backrest for the user, which is enhanced by a detachable pillow made from recycled quick-dry fabric that can be slung over the tub’s edge.

The brand also designed a slim wooden shelf that sits across the bath to hold bathing products and refreshments. It sits flush with the rim by balancing at either end on the recessed lip.

Tura Oval freestanding bath by Roca
A detachable head rest and wooden shelf compliment the bathtub

“The Tura bathtub is at once voluminous and light, and its ergonomic design is meant for rest and relaxation,” said Roca. “Its unique stacking shape is inspired by an architectural cantilever system, giving the impression that the bathtub is floating in space.”

Tura Oval is made from Stonex, a material with anti-slip properties that is easy to clean, ensuring maximum hygiene.

Product details:

Product: Tura Oval
Designer: Andreu Carulla
Brand: Roca
Contact: [email protected]

Material: Stonex
Dimensions: 1300 x 450 millimetres

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