Why Does Force Gurkha Not Sell As Much As Mahindra Thar? We Explain

Think off-roading in India, and you think of the Mahindra Thar. Since the launch of the new generation Thar in 2020, the SUV has become the default choice of every aspiring off-roader in India. Not to mention those who want the road presence of a capable SUV but never intend to go driving off-road! Compared to the success of the Thar, the Force Gurkha seems to lag terribly behind – so much so that we could not even find sales numbers for the vehicle in SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) data. One would expect that in a market that has both 4WD and RWD Thars, there would be some demand for the Gurkha, but that’s not the case. Why is this so? We bring you a detailed explanation of what is going on.

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Brand Recognition and Trust

Even before the launch of the current-generation Mahindra Thar, the SUV had built a brand name for itself as the vehicle of choice for the off-roader, and modifying it to make it even more off-road capable was common. The last-generation Thar was very popular also among the street set, who wanted to modify their Thars for visual appeal rather than off-roading.

The Force Gurkha was always considered a curiosity, and the company never put in serious effort into promoting it as a genuine off-roader for the enthusiasts. Mahindra, on the other hand, had off-road training schools, workshops, drives and drive events, long trips to hills and mountains and built a whole cult around it.

Mahindra also has a much stronger brand presence and consumer trust in India compared to Force Motors – a company that mainly operates in the commercial vehicle segment. Mahindra’s long history in the automotive sector, especially with successful SUVs and off-road vehicles, has built a loyal customer base.

Product Updates and Features

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The Mahindra Thar has received more frequent updates and improvements over the years. The current-generation Thar offers more contemporary features, both in terms of off-road capability and creature comforts, making it a more appealing choice for a broader audience. It looks and feels several generations more modern than the Force Gurkha.

Design and Aesthetics

The Mahindra Thar has a design that resonates more with modern consumers looking for a lifestyle vehicle that is also capable off-road. Its design is often compared favorably to more iconic off-roaders like the Jeep Wrangler, enhancing its appeal. The Gurkha, while having a strong resemblance to the Mercedes G-Wagen, looks quite badly put-together, like a dirt-cheap copy of the G-Wagen.

Marketing and Visibility

Mahindra has invested significantly in marketing the Thar as a lifestyle vehicle suitable for daily use and not just off-roading. This broader positioning helps attract a wider segment of buyers. In contrast, the Force Gurkha has had more limited marketing, focusing on a niche market. The Thar fans do their own PR activities such as doing photo shoots for Instagram, creating reels showing off the capabilities of the Thar, reviewing their SUVs on video – you will not find all this happening in the case of the Gurkha.

Dealer Network and After-Sales Service

Mahindra boasts a wider and more robust dealer network across India, which is crucial for sales and service accessibility. This extensive network also means better availability of spare parts and maintenance services, enhancing owner experiences.

Resale Value / Demand

Mahindra vehicles generally maintain better resale value, which is an important consideration for many buyers in India. This perceived value retention makes the Thar a safer investment for potential buyers. The Gurkha is not a highly desired vehicle, which means that finding a buyer when you want to sell it is also going to be tough.

Variants and Customization

Thar offers more variants and customization options which appeal to a broader audience, allowing buyers to choose according to their budget and preferences. There are petrol and diesels, RWD and 4WD, manual and automatic, soft-top and hard-top. Meanwhile, the Gurkha has just the single 2.6 litre CRDE diesel engine producing just 90 BHP, less than even the Maruti Jimny.

2024 Force Gurkha: Features, tech and launch

2024 force gurkha 5 door teaser

Force Motors has been teasing the five door Gurkha SUV for a few weeks now. The 5 Door Gurkha is the more practical version, and will rival the likes of the Maruti Jimny and the upcoming 2024 Mahindra Thar Armada 5 door 4X4. The 5 door Gurkha is expected to be powered by the 2.2 liter-4 cylinder turbo diesel engine with about 140 Bhp on tap. This should finally give the Gurkha legs to match the likes of the Thar 2.2 Diesel. The 5 door Gurkha is also said to have received updated interiors when compared to the 3 door model. All these factors should make the new SUV from Force Motors quite appealing to those who want a comfortable, no-nonsense off road machine, We’re just weeks away from the official launch of the Gurkha 5 Door.

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