Woven Image creates suspended "acoustic hood" to absorb sound

Promotion: Australian brand Woven Image has created a rectangular “hood” that can be suspended above or directly fixed over a workstation or conference table as part of its Fuji acoustic tile collection.

The product is made from 64 per cent post-consumer recycled plastic and features an “exceptional ability” to absorb mid-high frequency sounds or daily conversations, making the overhead tiles “stylish and functional elements” in shared spaces.

Woven Image has built up a broad international client base with its design-led acoustic panels since it launched in 1987.

Table underneath suspended acoustic panel
Woven Image has added a suspended acoustic panel to its Fuji series

“Fuji tiles, in their unique appearance, provide acoustic comfort in dynamic floorplans where noise can disrupt concentration and conversation,” said the brand. 

“The range’s unique design profile and composition serves to reduce reverberation times through a high sound absorption rating.”

Meeting roof with acoustic panels
The Fuji series comes in square and rectangular shapes informed by art deco

The Hachi hood is the latest addition to the Fuji series, which comes in rectangular and square shapes.

Like other tiles in the series, the hood features a ribbed texture with a gentle inverted, graphic shape that was informed by art deco and Japonsime, and co-ordinates with its “Zen embossed” acoustic wall panels

Complementing other sizes in the Fuji ceiling tile range, including the Fuji Roku and Fuji Juni, Hachi’s larger format allows it to be suspended over a table or other distinct areas using Woven Image’s hardware.

“Hachi makes for a beautiful workstation hood and offers supreme acoustic benefits,” said the brand.

“Alongside the popularity of open-plan layouts and exposed ceilings, the need for integrated, decorative acoustic treatments is greater than ever,” it continued.

“Woven Image’s latest range of acoustic ceiling solutions are tailored to this careful combination of style and functionality, providing acoustic comfort and character, defining the atmosphere of interior spaces.”

Table underneath suspended acoustic panel
The Hachi can serve as an acoustic “workstation hood” in office environments

All tiles are customisable with an extended palette of 28 made-to-order colourways, which include dusk pink, vineyard green, duck egg blue, black and cream. The tiles can be single or dual-coloured, with a total of 784 different colour combinations.

Tiles can be integrated around ceiling safety features including ventilation or fire sprinklers and are compatible with a range of lighting options.

The Fuji series is also modelled within the Woven Image Revit library, meaning architects, designers and BIM professionals can directly integrate them into project schemes.

The brand said its Fuji tiles have secured critical environmental accreditations. “Fuji Tiles have certifications recognised by the International Green Building Tools including WELL, LEED, GreenStar and BREEAM.”

Woven Image has previously created embossed acoustic wall panels informed by Japanese design and recently added five different colourways to the collection.

For more information on Woven Image, visit its website here.

The images are courtesy of Woven Image.

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