Youth Hang Out Of Moving Toyota Innova: Cops Take Action

Many youngsters have taken social media very seriously and have even built careers around it. We have several budding content creators on Instagram and other social media platforms. Some of them even break rules to create viral content and often get in trouble with the authorities. Here we have one such video of a group of youngsters who decided to sit on the window of a moving Innova on a public road. The video of these young boys went viral, and the cops took action almost immediately.

The video has been shared by Asianet News on their YouTube channel. The incident happened in Kerala’s Alappuzha district. In this video, we see four boys sitting on the window of a Toyota Innova with the window glass rolled down. One of them is actually hanging out of the driver’s side window.

It is not clear how the driver was managing to drive the car with a person hanging out of the window next to him. All four boys were hanging out of the window and enjoying the wind in their hair. The video was recorded by someone who was driving behind the Toyota Innova.

It is not clear whether the person who recorded the video was with these young men or if he recorded the video just to report them. The car was spotted on the Kayamkulam-Punalur road.

They are holding onto the roof of the MPV as the Innova was being driven at a decent speed. This was an extremely risky stunt to perform on a public road because these boys were actually blocking the view of the driver. He could not see any vehicles coming from the rear or any vehicles overtaking him.

Youth hanging out of Innova
Youth hanging out of Innova

The chances of them falling out of the vehicle while the driver makes a turn at high speed cannot be overruled in this case. If that happens, they are going to sustain serious injuries. As soon as the video was published online, the Kerala MVD came across it and started an investigation. They traced the vehicle using the registration number in the video.

In the video, we can see that the car was parked at the residence of the car owner when the officers arrived. They took the Innova into custody. The officers have also asked all four men and the driver to appear before them at the Joint RTO office. Alappuzha RTO also informed that they will be cancelling the driver’s license of the driver for this irresponsible act.

We have mentioned several times that a public road is not a place to perform dangerous stunts. The video does mention that the boys were intentionally hanging out of the moving car to create viral content for social media. This should not be encouraged at any cost, as these young men were not just risking their own lives but also the lives of other innocent road users.

We have come across several instances where people have made their kids sit on the roof of their moving car or made them stand out of the electric sunroof.

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