Pulsar And Yamaha Riders Crash Into Each Other: Whose Fault Was It? [Video]

The twisty mountain roads tempt a lot of riders to ride their bikes spiritedly. However, some people do not know the distinction between spirited riding and reckless riding. Recently, showing the dangers of reckless riding and not obeying standard safety practices, a video has been shared online. In this short clip, two riders were seen crashing with a huge impact on a mountain road.

This video has been shared on YouTube by Born to Redline on their channel. The vlog starts with the main rider and his friends riding their bikes. They were doing this ride on twisty mountain roads. We can note that they were driving very recklessly on public roads. However, towards the end, the rider learns a huge lesson.

What happened?

We can note that the rider who was on a Bajaj Pulsar RS200 was riding behind his friend on a KTM Duke 200. They both then approach a series of blind turns where they were seen completely leaning their bikes. What happens next is after taking a left turn, the KTM rider encounters two other bikers.

One of these other bikers was slowed down and was on the left side of the road. However, another rider who was riding a Yamaha MT-15 motorcycle was making a U-turn. This unfortunate move, however, was not noticed by the rider on the Pulsar RS200.

Due to this sudden U-turn and the RS200 rider carrying a lot of speed on a blind turn, he could not brake on time or steer away. Hence, the RS200 rider crashed with the MT-15 rider. Both then fell on the road as the impact was quite intense.

Reckless riders crash in mountain

Who was at fault?

The primary fault in this accident is of the Yamaha MT-15 rider. He was not careful enough before taking an abrupt U-turn. We can observe in the video that all four riders were riding in the same direction, and after taking the second blind turn, the two bikers ahead took a random U-turn.

This move could not have been anticipated by the RS200 rider or even the Duke 200 rider. And as it was so abrupt, the RS200 rider could not have braked hard enough without drifting to avoid this accident. But that being said, the RS200 rider was also at fault as well.

The reason behind this is that they were riding extremely recklessly on the mountain roads. When riding on roads with so many blind turns, one should not exceed the speed limit. However, they were doing this exact thing to make the video more enticing.

Reckless riding on mountains

Reckless riding

Since the beginning of the video, it can be noted that these riders were riding extremely dangerously. They were seen making a number of close calls with traffic coming from the other side during their ride.

So this accident should not come as a surprise to anyone, as luck can only help a rider to a certain point. After that, if the rider is not careful and skillful enough, accidents like these are bound to happen. This is why we suggest people enjoy their rides, but never go beyond traffic rules and their skills.

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