Spoon XL bathtub by Benedini Associati for Agape

Dezeen Showroom: Italian bathroom company Agape has released a travertine version of its Spoon XL bathtub designed by Benedini Associati.

The travertine Spoon XL from Agape forms part of the brand’s new Marble and Stone Collection.

Spoon XL bath in travertine
The product is based on an original design from 1998

It represents a higher-sided version of the original Spoon bathtub designed by Benedini Associati in 1998.

Freestanding and smoothly shaped, the bath resembles an egg cut in half.

Spoon XL bathtub in travertine from Agape
It forms part of a re-edit of Agape’s bathroom products in stony materials

Included in the Marble and Stone Collection are reinterpretations of 10 of Agape’s bathtubs and 21 of its washbasins, in travertine, marble and lava stone.

Product details:

Product: Spoon XL bathtub
Designer: Benedini Associati
Brand: Agape
Contact: [email protected]

Material: travertine

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