Ten computational design projects by DesignMorphine

Dezeen School Shows: a project set in a speculative future in which humans and plants live in harmony is included in Dezeen’s latest school show by students at DesignMorphine.

Also included is a narrative project that includes bionic beings based on moon jellyfish and another that suggests cocoon-like structures based on mushrooms that grow around users.

Institution: DesignMorphine, UACEG
School: DesignMorphine, UACEG
Course: Master of Science in Computational Design
Tutors: Eva Khan, Tung Nguyen, Alejandro García Gadea, Oscar Oweson, Radul Shishkov and Ada Gulyamdzhis

School statement:

“Embark on a transformative journey into the future of design with DesignMorphine’s Master of Science in Computational and Advanced Design – a gateway to excellence in multidisciplinary innovation.

“Crafted by experts and accredited by the esteemed UACEG, this nine-month online program offers unparalleled accessibility and worldwide recognition.

“Partnered with industry giants like Microsoft, Logitech and Pininfarina, DesignMorphine ensures a curriculum that reflects the latest technological advancements and industry demands.

“Students are immersed in a collaborative environment preparing them to lead in all design sectors.

“Design Chapters and Technical Labs guide them from conceptualisation to realisation.

“By mastering skills from parametric design to virtual reality, students get prepared to tackle real-world challenges.

“DesignMorphine’s program also connects students to a global network of leaders, leading to employment opportunities in top companies such as Nike, Wilder World, DNEG, Ubisoft and MAD Architects.

“Join us at DesignMorphine and shape the future of design.

“Beyond an educational program, this is an opportunity to nurture your potential and be at the forefront of innovation.

“With a unique curriculum and esteemed partnerships, you’ll not only enhance your abilities but also position yourself as a leader in the dynamic landscape of design.

“Are you ready to design your future?”

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Contradictory Symbiosis by Ryan Leung and Kongphob Amornpatarasin

“Contradictory Symbiosis is a captivating psychological thriller set in a dystopian world, where a cybernetic totalitarian regime cleverly deceives humanity with a facade of false reciprocity.

“The project dauntlessly challenges conventional notions of psychopolitics, offering a bold alternative model to the prevailing materialistic madness of disciplinary society.

“By delving into the intricate interplay between individual emotions and societal control, the narrative explores the potential trajectory towards an all-encompassing surveillance state.

“This compelling exploration serves as a thought-provoking commentary on the plausible future of human society.”

Students: Ryan Leung and Kongphob Amornpatarasin
Course: DesignMorphine Masters Y22/23
Tutors: Alejandro García Gadea, Radul Shishkov and Eva Khan

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An Genome by Oscar Oweson and Ekaterina Borisenko

“With the ever-growing threat of climatic catastrophe and the search for an alternative energy source, the project seeks to investigate a speculative future of symbiosis between humans and plants.

“A post-human cooperation between the two enables the revitalisation of previously deserted and ruined territories.

“The Symbiophytes (‘symbio’ and ‘phyte’ meaning ‘living together’ and ‘plant’) genome embeds and entwines itself with the human genome.

“As a result of such genetic coupling, the Symbiophytes use the human body as a vessel for its growth once the human passes on, creating new habitats for those still alive.

“The project principally explored the themes of cohabitation and mutual partnership with another species, and how this exchange would necessarily create new typologies of existence and community.”

Students: Oscar Oweson and Ekaterina Borisenko
Course: DesignMorphine Masters Y22/23
Tutors: Alejandro García Gadea, Radul Shishkov and Eva Khan

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Exuvius by Alab Adviento and Mohammad Qamar

“The progression and longevity of humanity are critically dependent on the well-being of the natural systems around us.

“Therefore, understanding the status of these natural systems and maintaining them accordingly is of the utmost importance.

“According to the Living Planet report 2018 published by WWF, the planet has experienced a 60 per cent fall in wildlife in just 40 years.

“These statistics indicate the staggering rate of depletion of numerous habitats and ecosystems that support and sustain wildlife and consequently the natural systems around us.

“The purpose of this project is to explore the concept of the Anthro-Cyborg Metamorphosis as a core design principle that creates growth catalysts targeting landscapes vulnerable to the nine highlighted planetary boundaries.

“The Anthro-Cyborg Metamorphosis encompasses a symbiotic relationship between nature and machines, creating a moulting cocoon that grows the user, the environment and the succeeding levels of design.”

Students: Alab Adviento and Mohammad Qamar
Course: DesignMorphine Masters Y21/22
Tutors: Alejandro García Gadea, Radul Shishkov and Ada Gulyamdzhis

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Amenta by Mansur Perez, Enayet Kabir

“Amenta, a tale of cyborg shamanism, explores the harmony between darkness and light, in a world that straddles the spiritual, the digital and the spectral.

“Much of the design direction of this project was established with an intention to create a hybridised visual language that reflects the cultural heritage of its two team members.

“In order to do so, an AI model was trained on images of Sanskrit and Mesoamerican symbols to output a fictional alphabet reminiscent of both sources.

“The core design technique used thereafter focused on using volumetric methods to extract three-dimensional intersections of various combinations of these symbols, to create complex forms that evoke ancient futures.”

Students: Mansur Perez and Enayet Kabir
Course: DesignMorphine Masters Y23/24
Tutors: Alejandro García Gadea, Oscar Oweson and Tung Nguyen

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Luminal whispers, echoes from the Nexus by Juan Sebastian Cobo Guerrero

“The narrative unfolds on Planet 1133, saved from environmental decline by a species known as the Nokinahe.

“Led by Dr Elysia Nakato, they pioneered the Nexus, a vast repository of shared wisdom and interconnected consciousness.

“However, a tear in the Nexus caused fragments of their collective identity to spill into the physical world, resulting in surreal physical and mental distortions that rendered their original settlement, Oneira, uninhabitable.

“In response, they constructed Veritas, a new habitat overlaying the old city.

“The fusion of Veritas and Oneira’s legacy forms a seamless journey into the limitless possibilities that the future holds.”

Student: Juan Sebastian Cobo Guerrero
Course: DesignMorphine Masters Y23/24
Tutors: Alejandro García Gadea, Oscar Oweson and Eva Khan

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Synaptic Conflux by Jacek Czudak, Janusz Polański, Salma Ghanim

“The Synaptic Conflux takes place in a fragmented world.

“Embarking on a visionary journey, we conceptualised the Corpuscle, the main habitat of the character, the fragmented oracle, to redefine architectural paradigms within the unique context of our species.

“Inspired by the hive mind and its hierarchical structure, our design integrates living quarters, energy chambers and communication nodes, embodying the essence of our interconnected society.

“At the heart of the Corpuscle lies a mechanical core, serving as the nerve centre, while healing chambers and farming labs prioritise community well-being and sustenance, emphasising the importance of energy in our context.

“The Corpuscle’s organic design symbolises harmonious coexistence within the cosmic chaos, representing collective resilience and adaptability.”

Students: Jacek Czudak, Janusz Polański and Salma Ghanim
Course: DesignMorphine Masters Y23/24
Tutors: Alejandro García Gadea, Oscar Oweson and Eva Khan

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Symphony of Symbiosis by Cassio Yutani, Diego Nieto, Cesar Peña

“Embark on a captivating journey through the lush planet Radiance, where the Ethereons, a highly advanced species, navigate a world shaped by natural selection and biotechnology.

“Traverse their remarkable physical transformation, progressing from the humble Egg stage, through the adaptive Larvae and vigilant Nymph, culminating in the pinnacle of their evolution as Ethereons.

“Explore the intricate dynamics of their hive mind, their quest for the invaluable moonstone, and the rise of subsidiary species-turned-rebels.

“As their story unfolds, delve into the creation of Hiveholds and the formation of the sprawling Biocenosis, where unity and resilience thrive.

“Experience the pinnacle of their innovation with the Arthrorove and Hiveliner, vehicles crafted for exploration and survival within their interconnected network.

“This endeavour unveils a breathtaking fusion of evolution and biotechnology propelling the Ethereons toward cosmic supremacy.”

Students: Cassio Yutani, Diego Nieto and Cesar Peña
Course: DesignMorphine Masters Y23/24
Tutors: Alejandro García Gadea, Oscar Oweson and Tung Nguyen

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Fléiada by Maria Soroko-Tsyupa, Karthikeyan Sivasankaran

“The project focuses on the symbiotic relationship between two rival insectoid species, X-Xaels and Y-Xaels, as they endeavor to rebuild their world on a devastated planet.

“Triggered by the imminent danger of a meteorite, the Xaels attempted a hasty escape, resulting in a perilous hyperspace jump that caused a gaping hole in the planet’s surface and destabilized gravity.

“Following their survival, the Xaels returned to their planet and embarked on the XAEL EXPERIMENT, a collaborative effort aimed at establishing a harmonious symbiosis.

“The experiment involved mutating both Xael species, resulting in the creation of the XY_XAEL mutation, a perfected fusion that allowed for the revival of their civilisation.

“Inspired by flowers, the Xaels designed corpuscles – livable and functional structures – for their living and working spaces.

“The corpuscles were strategically placed within clusters determined by the gradient of the stabilised gravity field generated by gravity beacons, facilitating efficient distribution.”

Students: Maria Soroko-Tsyupa and Karthikeyan Sivasankaran
Course: DesignMorphine Masters Y22/23
Tutors: Alejandro García Gadea, Radul Shishkov and Eva Khan

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Cnidotopia by Prasad Gopalakrishnan Kannan Sanjeev

“In the aftermath of a cataclysmic global event, humanity faces the daunting challenge of survival in a desolate, post-apocalyptic world.

“This project ventures into uncharted territory, proposing the creation of a submerged civilisation comprised of hybrid beings, skillfully blending human, cnidarian and cybernetic elements.

“Through a multidisciplinary approach, this study explores the genetic integration of Cnidarian DNA, human adaptability, and the potential of symbiotic relationships in a world on the brink of extinction.

“Mechanical engineer John Dabiri (Caltech) and bioengineering PhD candidate Nicole W Xu (Stanford) transformed moon jellyfish into controllable cyborgs for ocean exploration.

“The microelectronic ‘swim controller’ propels these bionic organisms at three times their natural speed, with future plans to include steering and sensing capabilities for data collection.

“Bionic jellyfish offer energy efficiency and endurance advantages over marine robots, paving the way for cost-effective ocean monitoring (Scientific American).”

Student: Prasad Gopalakrishnan Kannan Sanjeev
Course: DesignMorphine Masters Y22/23
Tutors: Alejandro García Gadea, Radul Shishkov and Eva Khan

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Varia by Laura Civetti

“The Varia project is engaging the potential solutions available to humanity in its efforts to confront and address Earth’s natural disasters.

“Through rigorous research and analysis, the project seeks to identify viable strategies that can effectively safeguard our planet and mitigate the devastating effects of these natural calamities.

“In envisioning a scenario where human beings encounter a new life form possessing the ability to rival Earth’s natural disasters, it underscores the necessity for inter-species collaboration and emphasizes the significance of human adaptability in ensuring our survival.

“Such a situation would demand collective efforts from various species to pool their knowledge and resources, emphasizing the imperative of unity and mutual support.

“Additionally, it would highlight the critical role of human adaptability and resilience in navigating unforeseen challenges and evolving circumstances, ultimately determining our ability to thrive in this dynamic and unpredictable environment.”

Student: Laura Civetti
Course: DesignMorphine Masters Y22/23
Tutors: Alejandro García Gadea, Radul Shishkov and Eva Khan

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